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Smart Buy Natural Foods has distinguished itself as a leader in portion-controlled home food delivery. Our products are antibiotic free, 100% All Natural, Hormone Free, Preservative Free, and have no artificial ingredients.

We offer the absolute finest restaurant quality meat, poultry,seafood & gourmet selections available anywhere, at a fraction of what restaurants charge for food of this quality. We provide FREE local delivery to your home without the commitment of a freezer plan.

Finest Quality Meats

We select only those items that can pass our most stringent quality control guidelines. All of our seafood comes from the world’s cleanest and purest waters. The products in this line present the very best quality money can buy.

Portion Controlled

We distribute our products by the portion rather than by the pound. Every one of our items are completely trimmed, individually wrapped & waste free. Our individually packed portion controlled foods also offer you the convenience & flexibility of creating gourmet meals without the hassle of lengthy preparation or the headache of crowded supermarkets often offering food of lesser quality.

Flash Freezing

Our food items are vacuum-sealed and “flash frozen” in their own airtight packages. Flash-freezing is a revolutionary process of quick freezing (usually with in seconds). This locks in all the flavors, juices, vitamins and minerals and allows the products to keep perfectly for long periods. Each product is held in this condition until it is thawed ensuring that it will be just as fresh as when it was frozen.


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