Chicken Breaded Cutlets

20 thinly sliced chicken cutlets, dusted with our Italian Herb and Romano cheese bread crumbs. Fully

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Not just your ordinary chicken cutlet. Pre-Seasoned and pre-cooked, ready for you to just heat and eat or to get creative with! Breaded Italian Cutlet Parmigiana anyone? There are so many possibilities, on a hero, cut up on pizza, on top of your favorite pasta. The best part is that you can feel extra good about serving this to your family and friends because, Italian Breaded Chicken is All Natural and the chicken is not raised with any hormones and the breading is a real Italian style breading, with real Romano and Parmesan cheese. This is one of our most versatile products we have.

20 Servings Per Box (Cooked)

Cooking Tips

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