Porterhouse (16 oz.)

Eight double thick steaks. A hearty New York strip steak on one side of the bone

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Eight thick aged cuts of T-Bone steaks per box. A great steak for the grill. A hearty New York Strip Steak on one side of the bone and a small portion of melt-in-your-mouth Filet Mignon on the other come together to form the king of all steaks.

8 Servings Per Box (Uncooked)


Thaw in a bowl of cold water 10-15min in plastic.

Grilling – Using a medium hot to hot grill, cook steaks about 3 minutes per side then rotate. Repeat this process as needed until desired level of doneness is achieved. Test steak next to bone. (see also steak cooking chart)

Broil – Bake at 375° F in a shallow baking pan for 15 minutes, turn and bake another 10 minutes for medium rare, 15 minutes for medium, or 20 minutes for well.


8- 16oz. steaks per box

Cooking Tip

This product is fully cooked.  For best results grill, pan fry, or oven bake to an internal temperature of 160F.


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