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Sirloin Steak Burgers

Our 100% Antibiotic free chopped sirloin burgers are incomparable; choose from 5oz or 8oz Lean, both juicy and flavorful. This burger contains no artificial ingredients and is

Size Chart

Our 100% Antibiotic Free chopped sirloin burgers are incomparable! Lean, but juicy and flavorful. They should be cooked frozen on the barbecue for an extra special taste.

32 Servings Per Box (Uncooked)

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Thaw in a bowl of cold water 10-15 min in plastic. Grill: Adjust grill so that burger surfaces are 6 to 8 inches from coals. This gives even heat without too much intensity. If food gets too hot, raise grill away from heat. Broiling: Preheat broiler. Top surface of burger should be 3″ from heat. Rare, 8 minutes. Medium, 12 minutes. Well done, 20 minutes. Smothered: Dust each side with flour, salt and pepper. Brown in small amount of vegetable oil. Add chopped yellow onions, canned whole tomatoes and Italian seasonings to taste. Simmer 30 minutes. Frying: Preheat a heavy frying pan. Do not add water. When the pan is very hot brown burgers quickly on both sides. Do not cover pan. Lower heat and cook slowly until done. Turn a few times to desired doneness.


32 Servings Per Box

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