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Swordfish Steaks

12 delicate steaks from the Pacific Ocean. The filet mignon of the sea.

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Pacific Swordfish are line-caught so they are unbruised and dolphin safe. Frozen at sea for impeccable freshness and brought right to your door! Firm texture and full flavor make these thick steaks a real gourmet treat. Great on the grill or under the broiler for a flavor beyond compare.

12 Servings Per Box (Uncooked)


Thaw in a bowl of cold water 10-15 min in plastic.


12 Servings Per Box

Cooking Tips

Broil or Grill: 4-5 minutes per side. They are done when the steak is opaque throughout. For a moist entrée, avoid overcooking.

Microwave: Arrange two thawed steaks in a baking dish. Brush steaks with a mixture of 1 Tbsp. of butter and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Cover with plastic wrap, venting one corner.


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