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Wild Ahi Yellow Fin Tuna- Saku Sushi Tuna

Pacific Fin “Sushi” Tuna is a full of flavor and nutrients, yet low in fat and cholesterol.

Size Chart

Wild caught, red Yellowfin Tuna is full of flavor, high in protein and nutrients, yet low in fat and cholesterol. Firm and flaky in texture, these seafood steaks have a meaty flavor that’s sure to satisfy. Grilled, sautéed, broiled or baked our Ahi Tuna is perfect for today’s healthier lifestyle.

14 Servings Per Box (Uncooked)

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Thaw in a bowl of cold water 10-15 min in plastic.


9-12 Servings Per Box

Cooking Tips

Grill: Heat grill and season steaks. Grill Tuna for 7 minutes per side or until they’ve reached desired doneness. Pan Saute: Coat a non-stick skillet with a little bit of olive oil, butter or non stick cooking spray. Cook the Tuna on each side for 7 minutes or until they’ve reached desired Bake: Place on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes or until Tuna has reached desired doneness. Brush with butter or butter substitute before baking if preferred. To maintain proper quality, product should be consumed within 24 hours of thawing.

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